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There Is A Fountain
©2003 Urban Glory Music - redmountainchurch.org
Words: William Cowper, 1772. Music: Karl Digerness


O In The Grace That Calls Me Home
©2006 RoughHarbor Music
Words from the Gadsby Hymnal: Watts (752), Swain (738), Hart (740), c. 1838; arr. by Cameron Gray, 2006; Music: Cameron Gray, 2006.


Arise, My Soul, Arise
©1996 Kevin Twit Music.
Words: Charles Wesley, 1742. Music: Kevin Twit


Pearly Gates
©2004 Red Mountain Music - redmountainchurch.org
Words: Fredrick Blom, 1917. Music: Clint Wells and Brian T. Murphy


King of Saints
©2005 Red Mountain Music - redmountainchurch.org
Words: Joseph Hart, 1712-1768. Music: Clint Wells


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